We commit in 2020 for 70 students and more projects.

We discussed the plans for 2020. As every year in December there are again a lot of girls and boys coming to apply for a scholarship. In Sirimba as well as in Lodwar. It is so heartbreaking to hear the stories from the kids and especially to be confronted with their ambition. During our stay in Kenya we really experienced, the motivation and the discipline showed by the students in their different schools.
In addition to sponsering education we also have started a program in Sirimba to support elderly people who are alone and malnourished.  Twice a month we facilitate transport to bring them together and give them food a medical check. It is life saving for them.
About our commitment in 2020, we are going to support and sponsor 25 students in Lodwar and 45 in Sirimba. That means there is a need for a lot of extra money, but we have trust in our devoted sponsors and also in the sale of our special olive oil program. This fall we harvested perfect oil from a real high quality, bottled it and it these were sent to Holland. So enough bottles available to deliver to potential buyers. You can also read the complete story on the special magazine on the site of www.yoek.com.
So if you want to order for Christmas we will be very gratefull.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year and lets hope 2020 will be even more successful than last year and not to forget many many thanks for your support in 2019.